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5898 S. Rapp St, Littleton, Colorado 80210, United States

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£ 421

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£ 421

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  • Activities offered at LCI Language Centers 1/15
  • Students of LCI Language Centers 2/15
  • Common room at LCI Language Centers 3/15
  • Building of LCI Language Centers 4/15
  • Computer room at LCI Language Centers 5/15
  • Classes at LCI Language Centers 6/15
  • Activities offered at LCI Language Centers 7/15
  • Activities offered at LCI Language Centers 8/15
  • Activities offered at LCI Language Centers 9/15
  • Students of LCI Language Centers 10/15
  • Activities offered at LCI Language Centers 11/15
  • Students of LCI Language Centers 12/15
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  • 1-on-1 classes at LCI Language Centers 15/15


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Quality of teaching
School facilities
Social activities
School location

"It was an amazing experience, having met people from different countries, improved my English with good teachers."

Rafael Antonio Ríos Eliis

First of all, I apologize for not answering before. As I said, it was an amazing experience. I liked the classes, I learned new things I didn't know, teachers were very kind and taught excellent. About location, I don't have any comments about it , just that it was a far from I stayed, facilities were good and activities were also good, I met new people on them and housing was great too. I liked everything.


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Quality of teaching
School facilities
Social activities
School location
Duration of study
6 weeks
Date of study
14 M01 2019 - 1 M03 2019
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Victoria Mullens, Education Director at LCI Language Centers responded to this review.
29 April 2019

Thank you, Rafael! We're so happy that you enjoyed your experience with LCI. We truly appreciate your feedback and wish you all the best!



LCI offers the following housing types:

Homestay - Single-person room - Breakfast and dinner on weekdays, 3 meals on weekends

£ 165
Housing type: Homestay
Room type: Single-person room
Board type: Breakfast and dinner on weekdays, 3 meals on weekends (16 meals per week)
Availability: Jan - Dec
Check-in: Sunday, anytime
Check-out: Saturday, anytime
£ 165
Staying with a host family is ideal if you want to interact with the American community full-time. A host family provides you with a true English immersion experience and first-hand exposure to American culture. By staying with a host family, you will have the opportunity to practice English every day and your conversational skills will improve quickly.

LCI's host families are interested in the culture of the student’s home country, the student’s progress in school and the student’s ability to adapt to American culture.

At your homestay, you will have a private bedroom with a place to study. You will also have use of the laundry, television and other facilities. The host family supplies breakfast and dinner during the week and all meals on the weekends.

Most of our families live within an easy bus or train ride to the school. We can also arrange to have the family pick you up and drop you off at the airport.

Visa support

We cannot apply for visas on behalf of students. However, the school can supply you with all the documentation you need to support your visa application.

If you are studying full time in the United States for more than 18 hours per week, you will receive an I-20 that you need to submit to the US embassy along with your F-1 student visa application. The I-20 has a SEVIS tracking number on it. Students who wish to apply for a student visa must pay the SEVIS fee online before going to the US embassy or consulate for their visa interview.

Your I-20 will be sent to your home address by regular mail at no charge to you. If you wish to receive your paperwork by express mail, you will be charged $95 when you register.

Please note that United States law states that an I-20 can only be issued to students who intend to pursue full-time English language studies. United States law does not permit students to study part-time with an F-1 Student Visa. If you are studying for less than 18 hours per week, you have to apply for a Visitor Visa (B1/B2) on your own.

Learn more about how to get a US student visa »

Flights and airport transfer

Please note that we do not book flights for our students. If you are researching airfare costs, we recommend using, a search engine that lets you compare flight options from your home country to Denver based on your budget, schedule and preferences.

Travel insurance

Study abroad worry-free with Language International's health and personal effects insurance coverage. When you book a course with us, you can opt to purchase an international insurance plan that covers not only your health care cost but also loss of your personal belongings. You must book your insurance in advance when you register.

Learn more about our insurance plan »



5898 S. Rapp St
Colorado 80210
United States

School location

LCI Denver is located in downtown Littleton, a safe, friendly, charming town that is home to many shops, restaurants and other attractions. Our school is across the street from a local community college, where LCI students have access to recreational facilities, academic resources, social activities and more.

LCI Denver is only two blocks from the light rail (train) station and 30 minutes from downtown Denver. Students can easily reach professional sporting events, amusement parks, museums, shopping malls and more via public transportation. And it’s all just a short trip away from sightseeing, hiking, skiing/snowboarding, rafting and more in the beautiful Colorado mountains!


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